Grade Examinations

The existing grades system was revised in order for athletes to have a structure to both body and baton development, moving from beginner to advanced / international level.


The current grades system now includes a natural progression in three twirl modes of aerials, rolls and contact material.


Body work develops from basic body posture to specific dance steps.


The twirl and dance elements are scored and athletes are given feedback to aid their progression.


Section 2.7 in the Rule Book details the grade expectations in respect of athletes competing levels.


Athletes competing at Area level only are not required to have passed the grades as detailed below.


 To progress to the National Championships they MUST have passed the necessary grades PRIOR to their Area competition.


Annual checks will be made with the Grade Coordinator to confirm that athletes are eligible to compete at entered level.


The list below shows which grades are required for each level:


Beginner Level:

Tiny Tots - Beginner Bronze.

Juvenile 1 - Beginner Bronze and Silver.

All other Beginner Athletes - Beginner Bronze, Silver and Gold.


Novice Level:

All Novice Athletes - Beginner Bronze, Silver and Gold AND Novice Bronze and Silver


Intermediate Level:

All Intermediate Athletes - Novice Bronze, Silver and Gold AND Intermediate Gold


Advanced Level:

All Advanced Athletes - Novice Gold, Intermediate Gold AND Advanced Gold


Athletes competing at World Championships must have passed Intermediate Gold, Advanced Gold AND Elite


Information on the Short Program can be found here.


Any queries regarding grades please contact Ainsley Cobbett at or 07966 763580

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